Alexander Chekmenev

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: Euromaidan  

The protests began on the night of 21 November 2013, in the center in Kyiv,
after the Ukrainian government suspended preparations for signing the
Ukraine with European Union.

On the night of November 30, several hundred students who had
continued to remain on the square were brutally dispersed by the police. In
response, on December 1, hundreds of thousands of people gathered in the
center of Kyiv to protest.

Clashes increased in January, after the Ukrainian parliament passed a
group of anti-protest laws. Protesters occupied government buildings in Kyiv
and many regions of Ukraine.

18–20 February police and activists fired live and rubber ammunition at center
in Kyiv. 107 protestors died of gunshot wounds.

On the night of February 22, 2014, President Yanukovych fled to Russia.
This was the longest protest, lasting uninterrupted for 92 days.
For three months, thousands of people lived on the capital’s main square.
After elections, Ukraine chose a European vector of development.


Alexander Chekmenev


시위는 키예프에서 2013년 11월 21일 밤, 우크라이나 정부가 유럽 연합 가입 유예에 서명한 이후 시작됐다. 11월 30일 밤, 경찰은 광장에 남아있었던 수백 명의 학생 시위를 가혹하게 진압했다. 이에 맞서 12월 1일, 수십 만 명의 시민들이 키예프 중심부에 모여 시위했다.

갈등은 우크라이나 의회가 반시위 법안들을 통과시킨 이후인 1월에 심각해졌다. 시위자들은 키예프를 비롯한 우크라이나 지역 곳곳의 정부 관청을 점령하고 나섰다. 2월 18~20일 사이, 경찰과 운동가들은 키예프 중심에서 고무탄과 실탄을 쐈다. 이로 인해 107명의 시위자가 사망했다.

2014년 2월 22일, 야누코비치 대통령은 러시아로 피신했다. 이후 최장기간인 92일 동안 시위는 방해받지 않고 지속됐다. 석 달 남짓 수천 명의 사람이 수도 중심 광장에 거주 했다. 그리고 선거 이후, 우크라이나 시민들은 유럽식 발전 방향을 선택했다.

About the Artist:  Alexander Chekmenev was born in Luhansk, the city located in Eastern Ukraine. Alexander started his career as a photographer in a small photo studio in his home town. On the free of work time he photographed people on the streets and homes, who were effected the most by economical crisis after Soviet Union collapse. HIs work give an intimate and unique insider view on transition of coal mining region in 90-s in Eastern Ukraine.

He moved to Kiev in 1997, where he works as photojournalist. His work has been published in New York Times Lens blog, Time Magazine and Time Lightbox, New Yorker PhotoBooth, MSNBC, Quartz, The Guardian, Vice Magazine, Liberation. 

 2014 – Grand Prix “Photographer of the Year of Ukraine 2013”.  


2019 – 15 prints  were purchased by the Ludwig Museum, Germany, from the Passport series.
2018 – 12 prints  were purchased by the “Mystetskyi Arsenal” Museum, Ukraine, Kyiv, from the Passport series.
2018 – 2 prints were purchased by the “Märkisches Museum Witten”, Germany,from the Donbass series.

2018 Group exhibition Ludwig Museum, series “Passport”.
2017 Personal exhibition Folia Gallery, Paris, France. series “Passport”.
2017 Group exhibition Kyiv, Ukraine, PinchukArtCentre, series “Passport”.
2016 Personal exhibition Blue Sky Gallery, Portland, USA. series “Donbass”, “Passport”.
2016 Group exhibition Suwon, South Corea, “Suwon Photo”, series “War in Donbass”.
2015 Personal exhibition in gallery “Palffy Palace”, Bratislava, Slovakia, series “Donbass”
2014 Group exhibition The Side Gallery Newcastle, UK “LEGACY Series Warriors
2014 Group exhibition Vienna Künstlerhaus series Warriors
2014 Group Exhibition Third Floor Gallery, Cardiff, UK. series Warriors.
2014 Personal exhibition gallery “Clara Maria Sels”, Duesseldorf, Germany, series “Mad World”.
2014 Grand Prix “Photographer of the Year of Ukraine 2013”.
2013 Museum “Märkisches Museum Witten”, Germany, series “Donbass”.
2012 First Kyiv International Biennale of Contemporary Art “Arsenal 2012”, series “Winners”.
2012 Personal exhibition in gallery “Clara Maria Sels”, Duesseldorf, Germany, series “Donbass”.
2010 group exhibition 3rd Festival of documentary photographs”, Poznan, Warsaw, Poland,series “Donbass”.
2010 Group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Perm series “Donbass”.
2008 Group exhibition “4on4. Ukrainian Contemporary Photography” House of Photography, Vilnius.
2007 Personal exhibition in gallery “Yagalereya”, Kyiv, series “Black and White”
2001 Personal exhibition in gallery “Zamek”, Poznan, Poland, series: “Passport”, “Lilies”, “Blind”, “Easter”, “Portraits”, “Miners”.
2000 Personal exhibition in gallery in Poprad, Slovakia, series: “Passport” and “Lilies”.
2000 Winner of the European competition of documentary photography Vevey, Switzerland for the series “Ukrainian passport”.
1994 1st prize in the competition “Ukrpressphoto” held in Kyiv, Ukraine, in the category “New

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