Small backlash in the city by Anuchid lermsum

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: Small backlash in the city 

This documentary reflects another aspect of society. Which is a working class in the construction industry, These people have a quality of life that is very different from what they do. Real estate with high values has been built with the strength of these people. Over 2 million people, both formal and informal, work to meet the needs of residence and buildings of over 69 million people in Thailand. They are a group of people who can be considered not many choices in life. One factor comes from the low educational costs, There is also a high risk of work. And without stable welfare. Nevertheless People continue to pour into the city from various places in the hope of a better life.

About The Artist: Anuchid lermsum 

When I was 9 years, my uncle teaching me to take photo at the first time. After graduating with a diploma and starting to work in architecture I became interested in photography of people’s lifestyles, traditions and documentary photography. Until 2008, resigned from the architectural work, becoming a freelance photographer until now.


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