Batumi Photo days – Mirror Land 

1 – 10 November 2019


Batumi Phot-Days is an annual event that takes place annually in a harbor city of Batumi on the shores of the Black Sea, Georgia. The Photo-Days history has started in 2015 by united efforts of Ukrainian and Georgian teams a common event Odessa//Batumi Photo Days in Odessa in Spring and end of Summer beginning of Autumn in Batumi. 

The event is a platform for photographers and anyone interested in this media. In the course of three years, with the efforts of our team, volunteers and photographers, the Odesa // Batumi Photo Days festival has become well-known in different parts of the world, appeared on the international map of photo events and has implemented a number of special projects, both in Georgia, in Ukraine and abroad. 

During this period, both parts have been developed and transformed according to the needs and interests of their countries that actually showed different perspectives in each place. Therefore, the organizers came up with an idea to separate two parts in 

order to provide more diversity and better reference to the local needs. So, 2018 was the first year when the event was held under different themes and forms, but in a way reflect and contributed each other a lot. 

The separated Batumi Photo Days’ format is focused on creating an artistic platform that provides a possibly in a short period of time experience, exchange and improves new emotions and professional skills. It aims to focus on a small but professional scale, to create a unique alternative platform for artistic practice and future development. 

Introduction: Mirror//Land

The theme of the Batumi Photo Days is the MirrorLand, a concept that addresses the fake realities, created by the recent political situations, the transformed reflections that are presented by different private stories, countries examples. with the support of various media sources that in result develop wrong values and expectations.
Double standards that our society share with the false structures, lost and messed up meanings and values come across with the traditions and established rules. No time to stop no time to analyze.

The exhibition envisages to bring personal experience of the artists from around the globe, to reflect the issues in their countries, through their practices, things, and topics they want to bring up, in relevance to the main concept of the Photo Days, such as injustice and fake reality, people are forced to live in, or any other significant stories that will make us stop and think of why we are here what can we do with our life, how can we contribute the world to make if a better place.
Each small drop, a small seed can change something, each small story can reach ought someone, and find a reflection in their hearts. It’s a matter of choice when-ever we wanna live in reflection or reality.

Within the frame of the Batumi Photo Days, 2019 few exhibitions are held, such as main show Mirror Land which will take place in outdoor space Batumi, Z. Gamsakhurdia 29. from August 30th until September 15th. Invited jury members: Sabine Seitz (FotoForum Frankfurt DE. Ana Riaboshenko (CASBatumi. GE), Manfred Bator (FOTO-GEN Gallery PL) and Irakli Dzneladze (CAS Batumi. GE) selected participants via online applications.

Italian born young photographer Dorian Teti with his project Visit and Georgian artist Lasha Tsertsvadze with a project Giorgicurated by Dina Oganova at Contemporary Art Space Batumi August 31-September 20.

Japanese artist’s Yusuke Hishida’s project border/Korea, curated by Korean curator Jeauk Kang at K2 space in Batumi, Dumbadze St. 12-14. August 31-September.

In the footsteps of Sella, curated by Monica Ellena, organized by Salvatore Costa and supported by Ambasciata d’Italia Tbilisi at Contemporary Art Space Batumi, September 25th – October 10.

Three nights of outdoor screenings combine collections of different international photo festivals and exhibitions related to the main subject of the Photo Days.

And finally three days Photo-Lab for selected participants that envisages recommendations and guidance from experienced mentors, the winner’s exhibition will be held in 2020 at Contemporary Art Space Batumi.

Artist: Donbass-Alexander Chekmenev UA. Gagarin-Daria Garnik RU. Home-Dmytro Kupriyan UA. Society Of Trash-Elijus kniežauskas LT. Korean Dream-Filippo Venturi IT. The Stray Dog-Gennadiy Chernega UA. Black Future-Hanna Jarzabek ES. Oil and Moss-Igor Tereshkov RU. Untitled-Jo Barton UK. I Hate You Too-Ksenia Sidorova RU. Pilot-Mano Svanidze GE. Untiled-Marco Sanges GB. A Dysphoric Prowl-Marylise Vigneau FR. Everybody Dance-Masha Svyatogor BY. Terras Do Demo-Micael Dias Afonso PT. Between Clouds-Nathalie Vigini CH. Wonder-Nathalie Bjørneby & Darja Olsevskaja NO. Fundação Lar Do Emigrante Português No Mundo-Nelson Miranda RT. Until When They Will Call Them “Foreigners”-Paolo Patrizi IT. Mining Victims-Pouya Bayat IR. Matto Grosso-Raquel Bravo Iglessias ES. Small Act Of Subversion-Simone Tramonte IT. Policy Or Politics-Soumyabrata Roy IN. Terra Incognita-Spiros Zervoudakis GR. Novovorontsovka-Stanislav Ostrous UA. Archipelago-Svetlana Bulatova RU. Untitled-Tomasz Kulbowski PL. Untitled-Verena Spilker DE. Untitled-Xin He CN. Untitled-Vera Zemlyanikina UA. Vyatka Dandy-Zhulanova Evgeniya RU.

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