The “after” Project – Chen Shu-Chen

The “After” project has continued for over 4 years. It focuses on the interior spaces of themed motels

in Taiwan and the state after being used and the heterogeneity within.

This body of work aims to represent and rethink these phenomenons instead

of ridiculing or criticizing them. Geographically most motels are located in northern Taiwan.

This project will gradually evolve into an island wide project.

 In all this project aims to explore these heterogeneous spaces in a socio-cultural and

examine its complex relations to the users and modern life in Taiwan.

Chen Shu-Chen

Shu-Chen Chen was born in 1965 in Pingtang, Taiwan. She is a multi-media artist and the founder of U-Design Corp. Shu-Chen currently lives and works in New Taipei City, Taiwan. She entered the MFA program of National Taiwan University of Arts as the top candidate through the recommendation-selection program. Presently Shu-Chen also works as a teaching assistant in the Fine Arts department. Her works involves photography and the combination of different media, aiming to explore the heterogeneousness in both public and pivate spaces. She has earned several awards in photographyand multi-media arts. Her works include the “After” project(2010-15), “Shoot” series(2010-13), and “the Public Artwork in Southern Taiwan Science Park”(2014).


Location : Pasiya – 파시야 from Nov 1st till the 15th

XYZ Gallery