The Hungry Tide – Swastik Pal

What would you do if you see all that you had in life, sinking right in front of you?

This single question torments five thousand residents of the Ghoramara Island.

The day I landed in Ghoramara, an island located 150 km south of Calcutta,

India in the Sunderban delta complex of the Bay of Bengal,

almost one third of the remaining island got inundated.

The embankments gave away to the wrath of the rising water after almost one and half year.

It was full moon and the tide was in full swing, the river swelled and washed away acres of plantation and animals.

The island used to be 20 sq. km, but in the last twenty years or less it has been reduced

to a mere 5 sq. km. away acres of plantation and animals.

Swastik Pal

is keenly interested in documentary photography and editorial writing. Presently he is an independent photographer/writer based in Calcutta, working on long term projects. He also works with Barcroft Media, Open Magazine for editorial assignments. He has also been commissioned and published by international agencies such as The Financial Times (London), BBC, Quartz and Al Jazeera.

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