The party is over by Tsun-Hsu HSU

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction:  In the 1980s when the lifting of martial law was declared in Taiwan, authoritative politics was departed. Back to that era, the protests from farmers, labors throughout the country had risen up as powerful surge. People who approved the movement one after another finally made energy burst out. However, the revolution of democratic politics as a fantastic party eventually destroyed which resulted from the conflicts of interest and greed. At the end, transitional justice in the great era missed its best moment to be succeeded, but turned out to be a flash in the pan.


Hsu Tsun-Hsu

대만이 계엄령을 해제한 1980년대, 독재 정치도 끝이 났다. 이전에 전국적으로 농부, 노동자들 거대한 파도처럼 들고 일어섰다. 이 움직임을 지지하던 사람들도 하나 둘 늘어나면서 존재감이 폭발적으로 커졌다. 그러나 사익을 추구하면서 갈등이 커지자, 완벽한 정당을 만들려고 했던 민주주의 움직임은 사그라들고 말았다. 결국 세력은 엄청난 시대 속의 과도기에서 힘을 이어가지 못하고 일시적인 성공만을 일군 채 끝이 났다.


About The Artist: Tsun-Hsu HSU Born in Taipei, Taiwan, 1960 HSU currently lives and works in Taipei focusing on visual art. He has been served as a photography journalist for 30 years since 1984. HSU published two photography books “The Party Is Over” and “The Idling Party”(2015-2016). In addition to the publications, he held a solo exhibition “SPY Farm” in 2013, his works have been displayed at group exhibitions including “Taiwan Annual”(2017), “Retro: ConText” (2014), “The Lake: Towards a Cross-Cultural Dialogue”-Recent Photography, Sound, and Text from Australia and Taiwan (2005).

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