Illumination 해명解明 ILU photography agency 일우
: 1st – 15th Nov. 2016


Amy Kim  김명점, Kim Ilhwan  김일환, Ryung Kim 김혜령.
Mo jiwoong  모지웅, Seo junyoung   서준영, Yun Hyeran  윤혜란.
YU SEOK  유석, Choi cikwon  최치권, Kona,Aileen Han.

Ten photographers from the photography agency ILU are displaying their work on the theme of “Illumination.” Inspired by the philosopher Karl Jaspers and his ideas on the “Illumination of Existence (Existenzerhellung),” these photographers use their unique perspectives to create visually intimate interpretations. The ten exhibited photographers are: Junyoung Seo, Jiwoong Mo, Amy Kim, Ryung Kim, Chikwon Choi, Ilhwan Kim, Yu Seok, AIleen Han, Hyeran Yun, and Kona.

* The exhibition place will be noticed shortly.
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