In Search of a Job, Any Job  (Migrant Workers from Cambodia and Myanmar in Thailand) : 1st – 30th November 2016

John hulme

John Hulme: In Search of a Job, Any Job
In Thailand there are an estimated two and a half million migrants from Burma (now known as Myanmar) who have entered the country since the mid-1980s in search of a job—any job—and the hope of a better life for their families.

An exhibition that explores the struggles of migrant workers within Thailand, taken over a period of seven years in different border communities around the country populated by brave men, women, and children that risk their physical safety and legal status in order to support themselves and their families.

태국에는 지금의 미얀마인 버마에서부터 가족들을 위한 나은 일자리를 찾으러 1980년대 중반부터 들어온 2.5백만 명들의 이주민들이 있다고 추정된다. 이는 가족들을 부양하기 위해 본인의 안전과 신분을 희생할 각오를 하고 여러 국경 지역사회에서부터 태국으로 넘어온 용감한 이주 노동자들을 7년 동안 담아낸 사진전이다.


John Hulme is a documentary photographer dividing his time between South East Asia and Britain. His work has focused on documenting social issues in Europe, Thailand, Burma and India.

John’s work has been published in books, magazines and newspapers, including AOL,HRW, Irrawaddy, Pacific Press (Japan), MacMillan Education, Heinemann, BBC, McGraw Hill (US), Longman Asia, Oxford University Press, Cambridge University Press, AA Publishing, Reed Primary, MacMillan Oxford, Independent On Sunday, Evans Brothers, Aladdin Books, APA Publications, Financial Times and The Sydney Morning Herald, and Trafficking in People report.

As an accredited photographer for the BBC and Channel Four he has been involved in the production of several documentary’s, most recently for Panorama shooting Hi-8 footage of Thailand’s Chicken farms and slaughter houses.

John was invited by Kent University, Canterbury (UK) to exhibit his work. The exhibition “Burma’s Forgotten War” Images from the Thai/Burma border depicting Karen insurgents, Refugee camps and backpack medic’s, was well received, informing both students and academics about a part of the world that receives little if any, media attention.

Recent work includes the documentation of Burmese Migrant Workers, the Karen people of Burma, including their military wing, the Karen National Liberation Army (KNLA). Gold Mining in Kachin state Upper Burma. The 2010 Khumbh Mela in Haridwar India, the largest gathering of humanity on the planet.

His essay on Burmese migrant workers titled “In Search of a Job-any Job” has been widely shown including at the Foreign Correspondents Club of Thailand, the Arts Centre Chiang Mai, at Oxford University’s Refugee Studies Centre, and during the summer of 2011 at New York’s Exit Art Gallery during their exhibition called “Contemporary Slavery”.

John Hulme는 남동 아시아와 영국 사이에서 활동하는 다큐멘터리 사진작가다. 그의 작업은 유럽, 태국, 미얀마와 인도의 사회적 이슈들에 초점을 맞춘다. 그는 다양한 책, 잡지, 신문에 실렸으며 여러 다큐멘터리의 제작에도 참여했다. 이 중 가장 최근의 것은 파노라마가 태국의 양계장과 도축장에 대한 내용을 다룬 Hi-8 포맷의 촬영이다. 버마의 사회에 대한 그의 최근 작품에는 이주 노동자, 카친 주의 금 채광, 카렌 족 사람들, 난민촌과 배낭 간호병에 대한 작업 등이 있다.


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