Batumi Photo Days Festival – Photo Lab Winners By Vera&Khatia
Director: lrakli Dzneladze

24 – 31 October 2018

Introduction: «Beach life VS Time»

All of photos are made in summer 2015-2016 at Odessa beach. For many years passed and few things have changed. But we see Sea, beach, people, sellers and another and sometimes can think its stay like many years ago Sea foam like a shampoo or soap washes away and takes off the layers of the time. Few things have changed in the beach life, though many years have passed. And now you don’t understand when these pictures are made, the beginning of the century, the middle or yesterday use so old films + double exposition with foam

About The Artist:

Vera Zemlyanikina: I’m a philologist by education. interested in different types of art for a long time. Taking pictures for about 4 -5 years.  I was born and live in Odessa Ukraine. It’s a resort city ,and my life and photoworks linked to the theme of sea, beach life, seasonality, ecology. Interested in analog photography. shoot only on film
Last years, actively experimenting with textures, transparencies, effects and double exposure.
2018 group exhibition Batumi photofestival

2018 Odessa personal project “After season” city place “Anturium”
2017 Odessa personal exhibition “Borsh studio”2017 Toronto group project my series “Pink aquarelle”
2016 Odessa photofestival groupe project
2016 Odessa group exhibition Vinners of Salon “About sea”
2015 Kiev Gogol festival group project my series “Marine.From T-short”
2016 Odessa group exhibition Salon “About sea”
2014 Moscow Street festival exhibition Sakharov’s centre of Photographs
2013 Moscow Street festival exhibition Sakharov’s centre of Photographs


The image of infinite loneliness thaaat always reminds what a poor creature is human but this loneliness is admirable. A small human, lost in the universe can create and change a lot of things. This was a common place where I visited every day. But one common place can change in a mystic and in this moment I was only thinking film roll was enough for taking my lifetime photo!

About The Artist:

I am Khatia, one common person with very little experience of photography. I have my faithful film
camera already 10 years. Not long ago I decided that it is time for publishing and not hiding all the time and I want to make something valuable.

2017-I participated workshop, which was held by Natela Grigalahvili. Workshop lasted 2 weeks.
2017-Group exhibition of emerging talents in Art academy.
2018-Group exhibition of Batumi photo days.
2018-Winner of Batumi photo days workshop.