Jeonbuk Provincial Art museum Academy of Digital Photography
전북도립미술관 디지털사진 아카데미 : 23rd – 30th Nov. 2016


Jeong Nim Kim 김정님,  Joo Hee Kim  김주희,  Seung Seon Back  백성선,  Jung Wook Oh  오정욱, Gi Jong Yoo   유기종

Jeonbuk Provincial Art museum is a group where the general public learn about the theories of photography and experience creative activity through educational photography practice programs.

Starting with <Sympathy of the Thirteen> , we have held successful exhibitions such as <Life- Perspective > and <Black Space of Life>. Besides that, we have also done numerous personal creations. Currently, we are recording women’s perspective on other women inside the boundaries of the social community, along with the lives of immigrant women by focusing on multi-cultural families residing in Jeongeup.

Jeong Nim Kim _ her

Her. In the mist
she, who holds the heart of a flower, is unseen.
Feel the breath of the uncertain tomorrow.

Joo Hee Kim  _ Forming a Family

From the word ‘immigration’ comes an empty sorrow.
Her childbirth brought her mother to a foreign land,
whose thoughts were nothing but worries.
Yet the daughter’s smile shone,
through the love of her family.

Seung Seon Back _ A Scent of a Woman

Is there a dress more culturally, religiously distinct than the hijab?
It is a start of a question. The more it conceals,
the more it tends to show
and the visual scent fills the air.

Jung Wook Oh _The Future We Dream

From the faces of children lie their hopes and dreams…
And we see the mother’s unquestioning love holding the expectations
of the future filled with those dreams.

Gi Jong Yoo _The inside

To man, there is right and left, back and forth.
Speaking of the outside.
But inside,there is no such thing.
The true nature of beauty is so.

* The exhibition place will be noticed shortly.