Mingongchao – Migrant worker : 1st – 30th Nov. 2016

Li Chunlong

In late 1970s, a number of peasants strated leaving their contryside homes, entering the cities to work for survival. It called Mingongchao, a trend of  migrant workers.

Migrant worker is mass and moblie throng  work force  the creators of social fortune but not equal possessors of the wealth they make. they build up the magnificence of the city with sweat and blood, but their life is still trapped in poverty of countryside .

According  to their social status, They should cultivate lands in stead of working in cities. they desire to integrate into the urban life but rejected  and they want to go home but unwillingly.
They try to cross the lines between cities and villages, between peasants and  workers, but stucker in the middle. the phrase   “migrant worker” reflects a bitter and indifferent reality of Chinese  charactoristics, an actual phenomenon of the time China. Compared with individual peasants working away,this group of constuction worker I focus on root out  from their lands more completely.

They work at the same constructtion fields   Their  families or somewhere near by , because they do not  want to live far from their beloved, for the sake of kinship and marriage. they have no settled places to live and no  stable incomes. Their childdren do not have a choice but go to schools attended by  their urban  couterparts. I recounded their joys and sorrow with my camera. When facing then, I am  filled with respect and sympathy. They should be respeced  by the society

1970년대 후반에 많은 소작농들이 더 나은 삶을 위해 시골의 집을 뒤로하고 도시로 나섰다. 이를 농민공이라고 한다. 이주 노동자들은 사회적으로 부를 가져다 주는 유동적인 노동 인구지만 그들이 이루어낸 부유를 동등하게 나눠 갖지는 못한다. 이들은 피땀을 흘려가며 도시의 장관을 이루지만 실상은 시골에 살았을 때처럼 가난하다. 사실상 사회적 위치를 고려하면 도시보다는 시골에서 농사를 이어가는 편이 나은 것이다. 이들은 현대 문명의 일원이 되고자 하지만 부정 당할 것이고 원치 않겠지만 집으로 돌아가야 할 것이다. 이주 노동자들은 보통 가족들과 같은 공사장에서 일하는데, 이는 서로 떨어지길 원치 않기 때문이다.

About the Author : Li Chunlong

Member of Chinese Photographers Society
Member of China Artist Photography Association
Deputy Secretary General Of Beijing Photography Art Association
Member of China Financial Photographer’s Association

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