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Photography review is a great way to improve your photography and get an “in” into the international photography world

When: 9:00 Am to 18PM. 8th(Sun) Nov.
Where: Suwon Traditional culture Center
일자: 2015년 11월 8일 일요일 오전 9시-오후 6시
장소: 수원전통문화관(수원시예절교육관)

Yumi Goto

Curator / Co-Founder of the Reminders Photography Stronghold & the Reminders Project

I-chan, Park 박이찬

Representive of Photo DOT magazine(korea)
월간포토닷  대표

Lee Gim Lay (Gwen Lee)

Co-Founder and Director of the Singapore International Photo Festival
DECK Founder

Ryan Libre

Documentary Arts Asia Director & Chiang Mai Documentary Arts Festival Founder

Ki-myoung, Lee 이기명

Representative of Photo Art magazine(korea)
Ceo of C&M Asiabro, President of photo academiy of National Geographic korea
Joint Representative of Magnum Korea Agent
사진예술(발행인, 편집인), C&M아시아브로(대표이사), 내셔널지오그래픽 사진아카데미(원장)
(주)EuroCreon/한국매그넘에이전트 공동대표

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