[Archive: Screenings in 2015]

Curated by Suthep Kritsanavarin of PhotoJourn & Françoise Callier of Angkor Photo Festival

Lauren DeCicca

The Letpadaung Copper Mine

Andre Malerba

Gold Mining, Gun Disease

Yu Yu Myint Than

Sighs from Ma-De Island

Matt Grace

Onshore Oil: Two Fields 

Minzayar Oo

The Beginning Of The Jade Trail 

Mikolaj Nowacki


Ore Huiying

Mekong: The Mother of Rivers

Nov 7th


Janet Jarman 

Marisol and the American Dream, USA

Kim Hungku – Jamnyeo, South Korea

Kim Hungku

Jamnyeo, South Korea

Juan Arredondo 

Barrio Triste: Sad Neighbourhood, Columbia

Birte Kaufmann

The Travellers, Germany

Sebastien Van Malleghem, Belgium

Sebastien Van Malleghem

Prisons, Belgium

Laurent Zylberman

Last Scream, France

Andrea Star Reese

 Urban Cave, USA

Pete Pin

Displaced the Cambodian Diaspora, USA-Cambodia

Evgenia Arbugaeva

Mammoth Hunters , Russia

Mario Wezel

One in Eight Hundred, Germany

Michaël Zumstein / Agency Vu

Terror and Tears in Central African Republic, France

Robin Hammond 

Can Africa Fertile Land feeds the World?, England

Romi Perbawa

The riders of destiny, Indonesia

Zeng Nian

Return to the Three Georges Dam, France-China

Alain Laboile

La Famille, France

Maika Elan

Pink Choice, Vietnam

James Delano

Witness to Climate Change, USA 

Ernesto Benavides

Guano Fever, Peru

Majid Saeedi

Life in War, Iran

Senthil Kumaran

Human & Tiger Conflict, India


Suthep Kritsanavarin is one of Thailand’s leading photojournalists. His award-winning work has been published internationally in: the New York Times, International Herald Tribune, National Geographic Thailand, Geographical, Aera and Japan Times. Suthep has covered environmental, social and humanitarian issues in Southeast Asia for nearly two decades.

Suthep’s work is based on his firm belief that a photojournalist must act as a conscientious observer of society and culture. He or she has to contribute to social change on a local and global level.  He or she achieves these goals by working on a project over long durations to build deep understanding on the topic and to establish trust among the communities where he works. Suthep’s powerful images create in-depth documentary essays shot over protracted periods of time on his own initiative and funding.

Françoise Callier has worked 15 years at 2e Bureau in Paris as a photographer’s agent,

working with Helmut Newton, Jean-Paul Goude, Max Vadukul and many others.

She handled with Sylvie Grumbach the press promotions at Visa pour l’Image in Perpignan,

and from 1995 to 1998, she was also the French correspondent for Corbis. Since 2007,

she has been the Programme Director of the Angkor Photo Festival.