GHAT DIARY life along the river by Thanasan Sricham 

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: GHAT DIARY life along the river

 India. If you hear this name, there are probably many definitions. According to the meaning of each person But for me, aside from many images coming into my head There were threats from well-informed people and those who traveled to India before. Tells the story of an adventurous journey on the land of Bharata After sitting and listening to the story There are many stories that raise questions. And that is the “waterfront path” because my destination this time is City of Varanasi River, the capital city of Gazi India The city that flows through the holy river from heaven Has a history of more than 4,000 years and this is the journey of a young man from the Chao Phraya River Basin Into the Ganges

    I woke up before the light of the sun would act like yesterday. And began to walk along the path along the Ganga River or “Kang Kamata” of the Indians And I found that this city is still a city with a charm of ancient architecture That is beautiful, not allergic to anything else I traversed to Ghat, which means The way down to the river or pier that looks endlessly like endless For Hindu devotion and strict observance, take a shower in the Ganges. Which has been believed for thousands of years that If bathing in the Ganges That sin will come to an end. One day, a lot of people would bathe in the full baptism of the water.

        I stopped for a moment to drink (Indian tea using hot milk instead of hot water) and talking to the merchants while selling victory to Hindus traveling from different cities come to take a shower to wash away their sins and make vows. I started walking About the odd career paths encountered between Tried to walk in and sell the package Massage your palms while walking through the view. Watch the horoscope while watching Making merit and bad luck Or shaving along the water’s edge.

  I stopped and started the conversation again after meeting with a large group of Hindu people who showered to wash their sins every day before going to work. It is a routine that has been carried on in the past. Reflecting the connection with the Ganges, as if not able to separate from this river. Even though life has passed the moment of significance, like birth or death.

    “Death on the Ganga River will liberate the soul from the cycle of the cycle” is a proverbial indication of belief in the deep side of the river for a long time. Therefore making the cremation ceremony simple on the firewood pile When people die, they will take a shroud and carry it to the banks of the Ganges. Men are wrapped in white cloth. As for women, it will be wrapped in colorful fabrics.

        The colors on the waterfront, apart from beliefs and beliefs, discover the beauty of life that is bound to many rivers and rivers. In the evening There are still children playing kites. Or sports that are very popular in India such as cricket in this area as well.

       After Sunset, people come to join the “Ganga Arti” ceremony at the Assamethadan River, denser than every day, because it is the night. “Diwali” is the day that Hindus Worshiping Goddess Lakshmi And is considered an Indian New Year celebration too Tonight is full of people from different cities. And tourists, both on the waterfront and moored, floating on the boat, watching the ceremony After the ritual was completed, the brahmin The leader of the fire worship ceremony will continue to bring sweets to use in the ritual distribution to the believers.

       Not far from the main hall of worship I met the little brahmin who was performing a ceremony. The Ganga artistry is coupled with the main ritual, and this is a question of how to inherit the faith deeply rooted in the Hindu way. Through life, rituals and festivals from generation to generation that is Unchange.

      I slowly traversed on the kat to return to the accommodation. There was a smoke smell from the nets pouring along the way. Looking at the Ganges River, there is still light from the krathong. That believers floated to send messages to the gods Remains full of water It was such a beautiful and memorable picture on the cool night.

“Only when we know of death We therefore know where to live. “
– Tuesday with Morrie –

About the Artist:  Thanasan Sricham (Ping) Born in 1985, My Background is music student at an University of Art In Thailand. Became interested in documentary photography and Street Photography from traveling to the conflict areas in southern border provinces of Thailand and would like to present the photos from the conflict areas Coming out to a wider society And is a point of interest in photography

Currently working on Concert Production and Still doing on Documentary Photography long-term projects.

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