UNIFICATION – I by Valeri Nistratov

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: Unification 

Unification – I: Abkhazia and South Ossetia

I have called my project Unification.The unification of space, earth, people, tragedy and farce – unification as it is, a whole with independent parts existing under its own laws and rules, like a railway.
The former Georgian territories of Abkhazia and South Ossetia have become independent states, officially recognised by Russia and Nicaragua only. The right for self-determination has only been possible with financial and military support from its powerful neighbour Russia.


Valeri Nistratov

통합- I: 아브하지아와 남 오세티야

나의 프로젝트의 이름은 통합이다. 우주, 지구, 사람, 비극, 희극의 통합이다. 통합이란 마치 철로처럼 그 자체의 규율과 법 아래 존재하는 독립적인 개체들의 묶음이다. 

아브하지아와 남 오세티야에서 온 전 조지아 테러리스트들은 오직 러시아와 니카라과만이 인정한 독립적인 국가를 형성했다. 이러한 자가승인은 이웃하고 있는 러시아라는 강국으로부터 온 경제적 군사적 지원 덕분에 겨우 가능했다.

About The Artist: Valeri Nistratov is a visual artist working with documentary photography projects.
He was born in Moscow in 1973 and became interested in photography during his childhood.
Valeri Nistratov began his photographer’s career in 1990 at the age of 17.
From 1991 to 1993 he worked as a news photographer covering the dramatic events of the fall of USSR for international media.
In early 1994 he reconsidered his photography career and chose the path of art-documentary photography.
When working on his personal projects, Valeri Nistratov travels much between Russia and Asia.
The space and borders between Russia and Asia is his the main photographic research.
The main themes of Valeri Nistratov’s photographic research is: local identity, everyday life, ordinary objects, cityscapes, the phenomenon of banality, social environment and man-altered landscape.
Valeri’s photographs have been exhibited in Russia, France, The Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, Mexico, South Korea, China, etc and represented in public and private collections in Russia and abroad.
Valeri Nistratov has been teaching documentary photography course in the Rodchenko School of Photography and Multimedia and he is a member of the Union of Artists of Russia and International federation of artists.

Public collections:
The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts ( ГМИИ им. А.С.Пушкина ) , Moscow
Moscow House of photography, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow
Maine Museum of Photographic Arts, Portland USA
The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow Russia
Perm State Art Gallery (Пермская государственная художественная галерея) Perm, Russia

2017 – Lost Horizon Trilogy. Self published,Moscow
2012 – Documents of nature. Perm State Art Gallery Museum of photography (catalogue)
2010 – Title nation. Schilt Publishing, Amsterdam
2008 – Forest steppe. Treemedia Publishing, Moscow
2003 – Risse im Patriarchat. Rotpunktverlag, Zurich

Exhibitions (selected):
2019 – (Group) Shot List, New Wing of Gogol House, Moscow
2019 – (Group) New Landscape, National Museum of Fine Arts
of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan
2019 – (Group) New Landscape, The Ekaterina Cultural Foundation, Moscow
2018 – (Group) At The Fringes.Triumph Gallery and Department of Research Arts. VDNH, Moscow
2018 – (Solo) Archaic. The Moscow Manege (ЦВЗ Манеж), XII International Month of Photography in Moscow Photobiennale – 2018
2018 – (Group) New Landscape, Krasnoyarsk Museum Center, Russia
2018 – (Group) New Landscape, Ivan Slovtsov Museum, Tyumen, Russia
2018 – (Group) New landscape.The Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center Art gallery, Ekaterinburg, Russia
2017 – (Solo) Tunguska. Novosibirsk State Art Museum
2017 – Own view. Valeri Nistratov and Andrey Chezhin. Red – Art Gallery, Novosibirsk Russia
2015 – (Solo) No man’s land. 2nd Suwon Photo festival. Suwon, South Korea
2014 – (Solo) The Local Identity of Contemporary Eurasia: Photographs by Valeri Nistratov.
Maine Museum of Photographic Arts, Portland, Maine USA
2013 – (Solo) Documents of Nature. Dali International Photo festival, China
2012 – (Solo) The Jews. The Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center, Moscow
2012 – (Group) Museum. Look photographer, The Pushkin State Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow
2012 – (Solo) Perm as Perm. Perm Museum of Modern Art, Russia
2012 – (Solo) Documents of nature. Perm State Art Gallery, Russia
2011 – (Solo) Statistics/Title nation. Fashion and Style International Photo Festival, Large Manege
(ЦВЗ Манеж), Moscow
2010 – (Group) Russians ! Russian photographic portrait. 1970 – 2010,OREL ART gallery, Paris
2009 – (Group) Unification, Multimedia show exhibition at Theatre Claude Lévi-Strauss, Paris
2009 – (Group) Closer to the body. Fashion and Style International Photo Festival, Moscow
2008 – (Group) Forest steppe “The Best Photography Books 2008” exhibition at the National Library of Madrid, PhotoEspana
2008 – (Solo) Forest steppe/Лесостепь. Винзавод / Winzavod Center for Contemporary Art – Gallery.Photographer.ru,Russia
2006 – (Group) Hronicles of Everyday. Arkhangelsk,Tymen,Samara exhibition city halls, Russia
2004 – (Solo) Psychology of a holiday. Krasnoyarsk historical Museum, Russia
2003 – (Group) Borders and Beyond.Museo Historico de Ciudad Juarez and Sejny, Poland
2001 – (Group) Borders and Beyond.Photoforum PasquArt, Biel Switzerland
2001 – (Group) Borders and Beyond.Museo Franz Mayer de la Siudad de Mexico
2000 – (Group) Regards Croises. La Fontaine Obscure gallery Aix-en-Provence, France
2000 – (Group) Candy in culture. Van Melle, Breda The Netherland
2000 – (Group) Russia in Transition. 1978-1998.Harriman Institute at Columbia University N.Y
1999 – (Group) Russia in Transition. 1978-1998. Leica Gallery N.Y

Mass Media Publication(selected):
The New York Times (USA)
OjoDePez (Spain)
L’insense Magazine (France)
Playboy (Germany)
Dia Siete (Mexico)
Soros Foundations Network (USA)
Nzz (Switzerland)
Woz (Switzerland)
Le Monde Diplamatic (Switzerland)
Le Monde (France)
Foto and Video Issue (Russia)
Foto8.com (UK)
Time.com (USA)
Newsweek (Japan)
Financial Times Magazine (UK)
Monocle (UK)
Io Donna (Italy)
AnOther Magazine (UK)

Collaboration projects:
Fullbright foundation, USA

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