On the shoulder : The story of Phu kha duen porter by  Werawat Wiangchai

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: On the shoulder : The story of Phu kha duen porter

This is the story of Phu-Kra-Dueng (Thai mountain national park) whose work is to carry the tourist belonging walking up to the hill. Interestingly, they can work only 8 months a year since the national park will be closed for the rest 4 months. The photos show their life during their working period and what they are doing when the national park closed. The serie also shows  how hard their life is and also what this job has left on their body.


About the Artist: Werawat   Wiangchai

Werawat “Will” Wiangchai grows up in the up country of Thailand and is familiar with the local and traditional culture of Thailand and now he is based in Bangkok, Thailand.

His background is in international business and always witnesses how the mainstream trend taking over the world and has left the small people behind.

When he has a chance to participate with the minority people and has realize how important they are as a human being he has decided to change his interest from landscape photography to documentary photography. So his first documentary project was being listed in the 10 finalists of “National Geographic Thailand Photography Contest 2017”  And his work is now published in online magazine.

So now, he is working on his personal projects that related to minority people and social issues and he hopes that his work will be able to tell their story and secure them from being left behind.

Instragram: willworldphoto