Negatives by Xu Yong

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: “Negatives” 

Instructions for viewing the negatives as positive images

To interact with the works in Negatives with your iPhone or iPad, go to “Settings” “General” “Accessibility” and turn on “Invert Colors”. Then use the camera to reveal the positive images of the negative works. Other devices have similar functions, such as camera setting “Color Effect – Negative”


[네거티브(Negatives, 底片) 작품 감상하는 방법]



  • 여러분이 가지고 있는 스마트 기기 카메라를 활용하여 저의 작품 이미지를 반전시켜 보시기 바랍니다. 
  • “설정” “일반” “접근성”로 가서 “반전 색상”을 켜시면 됩니다. 이미 저에 의해 반전된 이미지를 다시 또 반전시킴으로서 부정의 이미지가 긍정의 이미지로 바뀌게 됩니다. 


About The Artist:  Xu Yong

Born in 1954, Shanghai, Living and working in Beijing 

Graduated from China Henan University of Technology in 1978 

Worked as Photographer in Beijing Advertising Company from 1984 to 1988

The early series of Beijing hutong is included in the World History of Photo Graphy (Naomi Rosenblum)

Main Founder of Beijing 798 Art Zone

The main exhibitions(selection)

2019 “Society Guidance”, UCCA Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing

2019 “Negative-Scan”, Hamburg central library

2019 “Body Search”, museum of modern art in Leipzig

2018 ”Resist!”, Brussels Museum of Art, Belgium 

2017 ”Simultaneous Eidos”, Guangzhou Image Triennial 2017, Guangdong Museum of Art 

2017 “China-German Photography Exhibition”, 798 White box Art Gallery, Beijing

2017 “Xiao Fangjia hutong plan”, Building wall of Chaoneixiaoqu, Beijing(北京朝内居民小区)

2017 “Beyond the sphere of reproduction”, photography exhibition, Hanover Museum of Germany

2017 “Planet 9” Exhibition, Darmstadt Art Museum of Germany

2017 Personal Photography Exhibition, Vermilion Art Gallery, Sydney

2017 “JieBi(借壁) 2017-Exhibition of Photography”, Beijing Classic Vision Art Gallery

2016 Switzerland Vevey Image Art festival invited exhibition 

2016 Netherlands Breda Photo Invited Exhibition

2016 Julian Sander Art Gallery, Personal Photography Exhibition, Cologne, Germany

2016 Darmstadt International Photography Festival Special Invitation Exhibition  

2016 “North East Asia Regional History and Spirit of Time”, JiuFangWuXian Contemporary Art Gallery, Xi’an, China 

2015 “China Twenty Years Modern Photograph Theme Exhibition”, Xi’an Art Museum

2015 “2015 Taiwan Artist Annual Exhibition”, representing China Mainland Pavilion

2015 “LianHuanJi; Wang Qingsong, Xu Yong, Miao Xiaochun”, Xi’an Art Museum

2015 “The Changjiang River International Photography Biennale”, Chongqing Changjiang River Contemporary Art Museum

2014 “Asian Independent Art Exhibition”, JinHai Art Museum, Busan, Korea.

2014 “Liquid Times”, Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea

2013 “Hutong Perspective”, Personal Exhibition, HUA Gallery, London

2012 “China Photo, Xu Yong”, Palais de Seoul & CSP111, Seoul, Korea

2012 “Point to the future”, 798 Art Zone Yue Gallery, Beijing 

2011 “This Face”, Personal Exhibition, 798 Art Zone Time Space, Beijing

2010 “18 Degree Grey”, Personal Exhibition, 798 Art Zone Time Space, Beijing


Major Publications Photographic Works

<Hutong 101 Photos> ,1989

<Opening Beijing>, 2001

<Xiaofangjia Hutong>, 2003

<Backdrops and Backdrops>, 2006

<Solution Scheme>, 2007

<18% Gray>, 2010

<This Face>, 2011

<Negatives>, 2014

<Yu Na>, 2017

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