IRA by Yana Gorbacheva 

1 – 10 November 2019

Introduction: IRA

Ira is a circus artist. She came to Moscow from Donetsk with her mother in 2014, at the age of fifteen, when the war started, and entered a circus college. Last year she graduated, and her mother wanted to move back to Donetsk. But Ira wants to stay in Moscow, despite the difficulties of life here. 

They live in space that is not for living, she sleeps in a room, which turns into a kind of office during a day. But she has a real stage with lighting in the same building, and it is perfect for rehearsals. Each day starts with work, stretching, tricks, teacher. After that, if she does not have to work, she can hide in mothers small room. Write poems and songs, which she never shows to anybody. Dream. One day Gorbacheva asked Ira to write her stories, and her feelings on the photographs. This engagement is truly important, giving a voice to the heroine in her project. 


Yana Gorbacheva

Ira는 서커스 아티스트다. 그녀는 15살이었던 2014년 전쟁이 시작됐을 때 어머니와 함께 도네츠크에서 모스크바로 이사했고 서커스 학교에 입학했다. 그녀는 작년에 졸업했고, 어머니는 도네츠크로 돌아가고 싶어 했다.

하지만 삶이 고달파도 Ira는 모스크바에서 살고 싶었다. 집은 거주에 최적화되지 않았고, Ira는 낮에는 사무실인 방에서 잤다. 하지만 조명과 실제 무대가 있던 건물에 살았기 때문에 연습하기에 아주 좋았다. 매일 하루는 일, 스트레칭, 트릭, 선생님의 연속이었다. 일이 없는 날이면 어머니의 작은 방에 숨어 아무에게도 보여주지 않는 시와 노래를 썼다. 그녀의 꿈이었다.

어느 날 Gorbacheva는 Ira에게 이야기를 쓰고 사진에 감정을 풀어 내라고 말했다. 둘의 협동은 훌륭했고, 프로젝트의 히로인인 그녀는 목소리를 가질 수 있었다.

About the Artist: Yana Gorbacheva is a documentary art photographer based in Moscow, Russia, focused on long-term projects, freelancer. Studied Technique and Art of Photography at Moscow College by Mossovet, Art History at Stroganov Moscow State University, and Academy of Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Fotografika in Saint-Petersburg. 

Published in Helsingin Sanomat, Colta, Regnum, Dozado Dancemagazine and others. Works as a photographer for theatre festivals in Russia. Participant of several group and solo exhibitions in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. 


2004/2007 Faculty of Technique and Art of Photography, Moscow, Russia 

2007 Summer International Workshop, Fotodepartament, Saint Petersburg, Russia 

2008/2013 Faculty of Art History, Stroganov Moscow State University, Russia 

2017 Workshop with Mark Olich at Context festival, Moscow 

2018/2019 Academy documentary Photography and Photojournalism Fotografika, Saint Petersburg, 


2019 Selected for the Photolab on Batumi PhotoDays 

Selected exhibitions: 

2006 “Current Photo”, Saint Petersburg, Russia 

2017 “Heartbeat In Time With The City”, Gogolevsky boulevard, Moscow, Russia (personal) 

2018 “Frame Power”, Photocentre of Journalists Union, Moscow, Russia 

2018 “Educational Activities in Moscow Parks”, Gogolevsky boulevard, Moscow (personal) 

2018 “Spectator. Energy” 

2019 “The One”, Fotografika gallery, Saint Petersburg 

2019 “Future”, Fotografika gallery, Saint Petersburg 

Publications: Helsingin Sanomat, Colta, Regnum, Dozado Dancemagazine 

Languages: Russian, English, French 

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